About the author

I'm Matthew Valentine-House, I build things.

By day I help to build Futurelearn, we encourage lifelong learning by providing a platform for top universities to offer free, online courses to everyone. By night, I make things on and off the web.

You can find a couple of my most recent 'in progress' projects in the list to your right.

I live in Sevenoaks, Kent with my wife Liz, and our cat Kiki.

Current projects

A linux kernel module, providing a character device that eats data, and roars when poked. Written as both an introduction to the C programming language, and Linux Kernel module development. language: ANSI C, tooling: Linux, gcc, make View on Github
A command line application that facilitiates the downloading of Manga from online readers. Uses Rust to integrate with libcurl to navigate mangahere.co. My first real Rust project. langauge: Rust, tooling: Cargo, libcurl View on Github

Recent posts

  • Working with headless VirtualBox VM's

    I spend a lot of time using both OSX and Linux. Personally I tend to prefer using Linux, however my work have provided me with a MacBook Pro and in order to make working with my colleagues as pain free as possible, I use OSX on it.


  • Learning DSP with Rust part 1: Signals and Sinusoids

    This is part one in hopefully a much longer series of posts about these topics. I am trying to learn Rust, and re-learn a lot of the Digital Signal Processing stuff that I read at University, so these posts are my way of trying to cement some of this knowledge in my head as I’m learning. I hope that they are interesting and useful for you too.


  • Rustc's awesome error explanations

    One of my favourite features of Rust so far is not language feature, but a delightful compiler feature that made me smile when I discovered it. That feature is rustc --explain.