Weeknote 2021-04

Upright through the grace of caffeine

  • 4 weeks in and I broke my self-imposed rule of publishing weeknotes by Sunday night. But that’s OK because fuck all happened this week anyway, just busywork and stress.
  • No progress on keyboard - although some very nice chap from one of the Discord servers I’m in sent me a couple of ai03’s unified daughterboards which I’m keen to play with. Having them means that I no longer need to really think about how to wire up a USB-C port correctly, and that I am far less restricted about where to position the port in the case than I would be if it was directly attached to the PCB, so that’s exciting.
  • I also ordered some switches (Durock L2 linears in black with 62g gold plated springs for those following along at home). This means that I finally have all the pieces to build my Nibble kit which is nice. I still don’t know when I’m going to get the time.
  • Both the kids are fine. And none of us have COVID. Honestly that feels like this weeks major win.
  • I drank too much Monster.