Weeknote 2024-12

33 hours of laundry

  • I pushed a Feature Request into Ruby for the new modular GC feature we’re starting to work on. Initial reaction has been not negative, which is nice.

    We’ve had some feedback on the PR that maybe there is a better approach that we could be taking. So I spent a bunch of time this week investigating C attributes, particularly __attribute__((weak)).

  • This put GC.disable_major on the backburner for a bit, which is a shame, as I managed to split-test it in production and it didn’t show the results I was expecting, so I’d really like to find some time to dig in to that.

  • Work gave me a new M3 Pro Macbook. It’s functionally equivalent and physically identical to the M1 Pro it’s replacing, so I remain mostly indifferent. Except that I have had to spend my time teaching it to behave in exactly the same way as the previous machine, which is bloody annoying.

  • I still haven’t made it to the Gym.

    Except one time, where I managed to get all the way to the changing room, before realising I’d forgotten my shoes and promptly went home again.

    I think I’m going to cancel my membership. The extra time and energy it takes to drive into the city, just makes the barrier to entry too high. I just don’t think I can make it work in my life at the moment.

    My new plan is to re-subscribe to Zwift, get my bike trainer and some mats set up in the garage. And do cycling and some calisthenics workouts in the evening when I finish work, as a brain reset, which I hope will be easier to fit in.

    Although it is going to mean a reduction in valuable laundry-doing time, so that’ll need fixed.

  • In an effort to actually track where all my time is going, I started using Toggl/Timery. I like it - the workflow is pretty streamlined, although the interaction between the iOS app, the Watch app and the iOS Widgets can be a bit unpredictable. I’ve often looked at my watch to see a timer is still running hours after I stopped it, only to then check in the app and see that it’s actually stopped and vice versa.

    It also tends to shit itself in myriad ways when the internet connection is unstable or unreliable.

    I’ve only a weeks worth of data, but I can tell you that this week, amongst other things, I spent 43 hours working, 33 hours 30 minutes on home management tasks (cleaning/cooking/school runs etc) and had 4 hours 20 minutes of personal time, of which 3 hours was Japanese lessons and homework.

    And this is why using Github contributions as a job interview metric is discrimination.

  • Speaking of which, it was my first Japanese lesson for about 3 weeks, after work travel and sickness related absenses and it was really nice to get back into it again.

  • Travelling recently has made me really want a new backpack.

    I am currently using a 34L Osprey Nebula but it’s not working for me super well.

    When I go away for just a few days, say 5 or less, the Nebula fits everything I need - but the trade off is that it’s heavy and unwieldy, and it leaves me without a good “day bag”. It’s far too big for just carrying a laptop and a water bottle round a conference.

    When I go away for longer, I take it as my carry-on personal item, for which it is ludicrously oversized. I usually pack my Camera, Laptop, headphones, Kindle, Travelers Notebook and my Switch, and all that mostly rattles around the bottom of this bag.

    So I’m on the hunt for a new bag. I have a few ideas already, but if you are reading this and you have strong opinions about bags, and/or EDC stuff, particularly if you’re based in the UK or know about UK brands, then hit me up I’d love to hear your reckons.

    My basic criteria so far are:

    • Smaller than the Osprey (I’m thinking 18-20L), without a huge footprint, although it must be at least 13cm deep (the camera insert I use is 10cm deep, plus a bit for a laptop I assume).

    • Top-opening, and must not open flat, like a suitcase, or like the laptop compartment on the Osprey, I hate that.

    • Minimal amounts of pockets/organisation. The Osprey has way too many pockets and sections. I’d like one main compartment, and one or two small pockets that are accessible easily without opening the main compartment, for like a passport, keys or sunglasses.

    • Also maybe a seperately accessible laptop compartment, and a small internal organisation space to put a tablet, a notebook and a couple of pens, although the lack of these would not be a deal-breaker.

    • External water bottle storage. I can’t believe how many backpacks don’t have space to put a water bottle.

    • Weather resistant. I don’t intend to take it in the shower, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to worry too much about getting caught in the rain.

    • Vaguely ethical. By this I mean, sustainable/recycled materials; from a reputable manufacturer, ideally a B-Corp; carbon neutral if possible; no slavery, and no child labour, as far as that’s possible to verify. Basically, I’d like as few reasons to feel shit about buying this product as possible.

    • Good quality. I don’t want to have to replace it in a year, or two (or ten, ideally). And I prioritise longevity and quality over upfront cost.

    • A fun colour. I’m bored of boring black bags.

  • I still haven’t started my RubyKaigi talk.