Weeknote 2024-04


  • I added tracking to this website. I chose to use Umami’s free tier. I don’t know much about web analytics tracking but I know I didn’t want to use Google. Umami seems privacy focused and is open source.

  • I am curious about how many people look at this site, but I want to stress that this is an experiment. I don’t like tracking that much, and if I decide it’s not providing any value to me, then it’s gone.

  • I have tested that UBlock Origin in Firefox successfully blocks the tracking. Please use an ad-blocker if tracking annoys you too.

  • I chose to host all data in the EU.

  • Did you know how many ways method parameters can be declared in Ruby? Well it turns out there are a lot.

  • Arron and I spent a good 2-3 hours on Tuesday this week, chasing down and fixing all the cases in which these various parameters can be combined, especially in the case of _ parameters.

  • This test is my favourite

  • We made really good headway this week on the Prism compiler. make btest is now entirely passing, as is make test, and we’ve made a big dent in make test-all.

  • We’re running an internal Hack Day at work next week, and a few of us have grouped together to spend the time working collectively on Prism compatability. We’re hoping to have the entire CRuby test suite passing by the end of it.

  • 100% compatability with CRuby’s default parser/compiler doesn’t feel like it’s too far off now.

  • My japanese homework this week was a reading and comprehension piece. I had to read and translate a short story about a person who dreamt that they’d won the lottery. And then answer some questions about it.

  • Turns out I love this kind of work. It was quite challenging for my current level and there was a lot of new vocab (and some grammatical constructs I hadn’t learned yet). But it was a very engaging and rewarding thing to do.

  • We made some real headway on clearing out and preparing the room that will become Elliot’s bedroom this weekend. My mother in law passed away in 2022, and we’ve been using the room as storage space for her posessions while my wife executed her will and dealt with her estate.

  • Elliot is very excited. Although there’s still a lot of decorating work to be done on both the kids bedrooms still.

  • Pretty quiet week this week all in all. I feel like I spent more time working on Prism than usual.