Weeknote 2024-11

Exciting Keyboard releases

  • Not a lot to report this week. I took Monday and Tuesday off work to make up for missing weekend/evening family time during my work travel last week. But the kids and Liz were still sick, so we didn’t do much other than eat, crash on the sofa together and drink Lemsip.

  • I have now developed a second cold, and this one is leaking out of my nose, which I hate. So I’m grumpy about that.

  • At work I’ve started working on a feature that will allow Major GC’s to be disabled in Ruby. This is designed to work in conjunction with Out of band GC and preforking servers like Pitchfork. The idea is that we can provide a couple of library functions: GC.disable_major and GC.needs_major? which when used in tandem will allow a server to control exactly when a major GC runs.

  • This idea came out of a conversation that Jean, Peter, and I had during our team meeting last week, which is fun.

  • I have it mostly working, but I’ve still got some compaction related bugs to fix.

  • As I write this it’s exactly 2 months until RubyKaigi and I am exceptionally excited to be visiting Okinawa. It’ll also be my first time flying Premium Economy instead of regular Economy, so I’m excited for that extra legroom.

  • I should probably start putting my talk together.

  • I’ve been waiting for a while now for the new version of my favourite keyboard, and the PR has finally been merged. Corne V4 is very exciting, it uses on-board components rather than relying on a ProMicro footprint MCU, and it comes with an official case design, which is a first.

    Although the PCB releases are hotswap only for now, and I am allergic to hotswap boards generally, so I’ll have to wait for the soldered versions.

  • I tried using Aaron’s keyboard when we were at our team meeting last week, which uses Kailh choc whites and was pleasantly surprised. I’m normally a linear-boi, and I haven’t found a set of clicky switches I actually liked the feel or the sound of until now, but these just immediately grabbed me.

  • The major downside for me is that now that the V4 has moved to onboard components it’s not immediately obvious to me how to make it wireless, and frankly I haven’t the time for the modifications or research.

    I’d like to build a new travel board soon. I’m definitely going to use Choc white switches but I’m in a quandry with the board. New shiny V4, with onboard components, fancy case and wires. Or older model, 3rd party case/plate design, but fully wireless.

  • I have picked up Animal Crossing again. It’s amazing how many weeds can accumulate after a year long hiatus.